Citroen Genuine Parts

We deal with export of original automotive parts (called OE or OEM spare parts) from authorised networks of car makers placed in Central and East Europe.

We offer genuine parts in genuine boxes of many brands but one of our leading specialisation is original Citroen (PSA) spare parts export.

Cross-Border Trade

Between countries there still happen important differences in genuine parts prices.

The European Law (Block Exemption Regulation BER/GVO) makes a legal background for international cross-border trade of genuine automotive spare parts

Our Partners

We deal only with wholesale type of trade genuine parts and we do not sell to Citroen garages, workshops etc. We prefer Customers from EU with good knowledge in Citroen (PSA) spare parts numbers.

New Customer is expected to register on the Website and will be informed about the access if only is approved by Administrator.

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Citroen original spare parts , Citroën genuine auto parts,  Citroën pièces de rechange d'origine

Export of Citroen (Citroën, PSA) Original Parts for All Models (including C1, C2, C3, C4, Aircross, Picasso, Cactus, C5, C6, Jumper, Jumpy, Berlingo, Evansion, DS3, DS4, DS5 etc.)

Citroën (Citroen) founded in 1919 is a part of PSA Peugeot-Citroen group since 1976. Citroen is famous for its radically innovative approach to auto manufacturing, which was noticeable ever since the company became the mass producer of automobiles. Nowadays Citroen’s sales keep growing, brand is very popular in Europe and also strong on Chinese market.  Citroen’s most popular models in Europe include C1, C2, C3 and C4 with their submodels Aircross, Picasso, Cactus, C5, C6, Jumper, Jumpy, Berlingo, Evansion, also separate brands DS3, DS4, DS5.

In Poland there is a well organised net of authorised Citroen dealers and the central warehouse for PSA original spare parts (genuine spare parts in genuine packing). It looks like Poland may be considered as a source of some original PSA auto parts (OE, OEM, OES) when independent trade of automotive genuine spare parts on free EU market is considered. Quite a lot of Tier 1 suppliers produce their original spare parts for Citroen in Poland.